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I am a Crime Scene investigator currently employed in the south east of England. At a time when major industry appears to be making efforts to reduce reliance on single use plastics, the field of forensics continues to rely heavily on plastic packaging. Forensic consumables are manufactured and purchased based on their operational function to store or collect evidence, with little thought or attention given to their resource efficiency and overall sustainability. Swabs, plastic self-seal evidence bags, tubes, boxes and even paper bags often have plastic windows made of polythene which render the products non-recyclable.

My aim is to ascertain whether there is a genuine concern among my peers who utilise forensic packaging regarding single use plastic waste. Ultimately, I hope to work in tandem with national police forces and consumables companies to find ways to improve sustainability without affecting the integrity of the packaging, while ensuring ease of use for practitioners and cost effectiveness for the Police Services.



1.1. I consent to participating in this survey Required
2.2. Current job role
3.3. Police force region you are employed by (regions purposefully broad to maintain anonymity)?
4.4. Gender:
5.5. Your age Bracket:
6.6. Length of service in current role:
7.7. Does your current role require the use of forensic consumables, for example, early evidence kits, PPE, packaging, evidence bags, swab modules, sampling modules (eg fingernail, DNA tox, hair collection kits)?
8.8. Do you believe your work processes generate an unnecessary amount of waste?
9.9. Have you perceived an increase in the amount of work-related waste you generate during evidence recovery since starting in your role?
10.10. What do you believe makes up the bulk of your scene exam related waste?
11.11. Are you concerned about the amount of plastic waste you generate at crime scenes?
12.12. Do you feel the amount of single use plastic waste produced during crime scene examinations is justified? Optional
13.13. Do you make an attempt to recycle your work-related waste packaging?
14.14. Do you try to select packaging or amend procedure in an effort to generate less waste?
15.15. Do you always attempt to recycle your domestic waste packaging at home? Optional
16.16. What do you believe would make an impact in reducing work related plastic waste - tick all that apply?
18.18. What SINGLE action do you believe would have the greatest impact on reducing single use plastic generation and waste in the field of Crime Scene Investigation/evidence collection?