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     The Impacts and Costs of External Fraud

This study is being carried out by the University of Portsmouth (UoP) and is funded by Synectics Solutions. The findings will help understand the cost of external fraud to organisations. You have been invited because of your experience in dealing with external frauds in organisations, i.e. frauds perpetrated by outside parties rather than employees. You will be asked questions about the types of impacts and costs you have experienced. You should avoid revealing any information that could harm your or your organisation's reputation. The research complies with data protection regulations. Your responses will be entirely anonymous: we will not collect any information that can identify you or your organisation. The collected data will be securely stored by the UoP for 10 years and then destroyed. The anonymous data will also be made available on an open access CC-BY licence.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary. You can withdraw at any point by navigating away from the web page. However, you cannot modify your answers or withdraw once you have submitted your anonymous responses. If you need more information, please contact one of the researchers by emailing david.shepherd@port.ac.uk or mark.button@port.ac.uk. If you have a formal complaint, please contact complaintsadvice@port.ac.uk.

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